Many people think that weight loss is mostly about working out. In reality 80% of your results come with diet alone. If you’re not getting proper nutrition or are over consuming on a caloric level you may be spinning your wheels when it comes to weight loss. It is important for you to UNDERSTAND what healthy eating is. Our goal is for you to be able to make healthy food choices during the day that align with your weight loss goals.

First we need to have a plan

Too often we only leave ourselves unhealthy options because we are unprepared. Our simple and sustainable meal plans have helped hundreds of individuals like yourself achieve their weight loss goals in a timely and safe manner. We set up food types, quantity and timing to meet the needs of your busy schedule. We also ensure that the food choices are of your preference to ensure that the meal plan is realistic and maintainable.

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We track our client’s progress with daily food logs, weekly weigh ins and monthly body fat testing. We want to know about every aspect of your nutrition to ensure you are eating at the right times, eating the appropriate quantity and the correct food types. If you’re not getting immediate results we will be able to identify the problem through your food journal. In my experience food logs have been the common denominator with clients who have successfully achieved their weight loss goals. We are here to help, it’s kind of WHAT WE DO, we are only a phone call away 24/7.

Weight loss program

A good weight loss program requires proper eating as well as a balance of resistance training and cardio vascular exercise. We’ve got you covered with the resistance training, it’s the easiest part, show up and we will take you through a customized full body workout. Depending on your specific goals cardiovascular exercise is generally recommended 2-3 times per week. We will tell you exactly what cardio exercise to do and how to maximize the effectiveness of the workout around your resistance training days.

I trained with Matt for over a year.

“Matt brings expertise, energy and enthusiasm to his craft – not to mention a great sense of humor that makes training fun. He helped me achieve the results I wanted – and I always looked forward to my sessions with him. Matt’s a great trainer and I recommend him highly.”

Gary Ellis


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