Krave Fitness ultra modern gym and fitness center offers state of the art Power Plate services with dedicated personal trainers. Our Power Plate will help you to develop specific soft tissues and achieve your performance goals. It is one of the high-tech training equipment that we use to help you reduce the amount of time required for you to become fit. Read on to discover more unique benefits of our personalized Power Plate service.


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Activate More than One Muscle Group

Our Power Plate is quite efficient. It helps you to activate and train several muscle groups simultaneously. That is why we use it to help busy professionals and other people who find it difficult to spend longer hours doing exercise because of their tight work schedules.

Save Precious Time

This exercise machine is one of the tools we use to help you to achieve better results in less time. So you can do a workout that will help you to enjoy the benefits of resistance training, flexibility, plyometrics and isometrics in about 20 minutes.

With the assistance of our Power Plate specialist trainer, you can experience a remarkable improvement in your results. Therefore, instead of spending long hours doing strenuous training, you can use our Power Plate machine to achieve better results with less strain.

Achieve the Balance and Strength Required for Your Specific Sport

Power Plate enables you to build strength and attain the balance required for a specific sport. You can achieve this by standing in the position required for your sport. For instance, if you want to develop the balance and strength required for high performance in skiing, we will show you how to stand on the Power Plate in a crouched ski squat posture so that your quad muscles will get a better training stimulus than doing a squat against the wall.

Athletes who train regularly with Power Plate experience a significant improvement in sprint performance, an increase in their jump height, and a boost in endurance and strength.

Recover Faster From Injury

Power Plate speeds up the recovery of soft tissue and damaged muscles and it facilitates the reduction of pain. It also decreases muscle atrophy. That is why we use it for our post rehabilitation training. With our Power Plate we can easily adapt our rehabilitation training program so that the exact trauma area so your body can regain flexibility, strength, and mobility.

Maintain Your Fitness With Our Power Plate

With the aid of our Power Plate machine, you can shed those unwanted pounds and get a slim waistline faster. We combine the use of the Power Plate with and other exercise equipment in our gym to help you maintain a fit and trim body. Thus, you will be able to attain and maintain high performance in your sport.

Enjoy the Expertise of a Krave Fitness Personal Trainer

In addition to the benefits provided by our Power Plate training, you can also achieve your goals at our fitness center through the expertise and assistance of our personal trainers. Once you walk into our fitness center you will never be left to struggle alone again.