individual fitness - Saratoga CAThis is a turn key training solution with end to end service. From your soft tissue work, dynamic stretching, corrective warm-up, core work, agility training and strength routines we will be there assisting you to get the most detailed work out you’ve ever experienced, every time. You won’t be disappointed when you see the difference in every aspect of your personal training experience and most importantly delivered results.

Comes with nutritional advice and easy to follow meal plans that can be customized to fit your preferences.


As a big piece for the entire training process, being held accountable to show up for your scheduled training sessions. Accountable to do your warm up, finish sets and reps. To get you in shape you must be consistent and having a trainer hold you accountable will keep you consistent.

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Expertise: Education, Professionalism, Experience

  • We are fully NASM certified. We are constantly improving our craft by attending multiple personal training continuing education courses each year to keep up with the trends of our profession.
  • We maintain a professional attitude and environment. Training is our business and we take it very seriously. We will strive to make your training experience as comfortable and seamless as possible.
  • We have over 13 years of experience training professional athletes, young athletes, weekend warriors and the advanced in age. Dependent on your goals we have a training program that would benefit you and make you stronger.


After being in the business for over a decade we have picked up quite a few tricks that challenge the body and mind. A seasoned trainer should be able to quickly assess the client’s ability and select exercises that are challenging enough though not unsafe. If a client is unable to demonstrate proper form we must quickly change gears and regress the exercise until the proper level of control can be demonstrated. This is how we keep clients from hurting themselves and progress them to the next level at the same time.

Matt is an awesome trainer!!

“He brings great training skills with truly personalized programs and guidance. I started with Matt because I was getting frustrated with lower back pains because I have had my right knee reconstructed and could not do most types of sports activates. The exercise program that Matt set up to focus on core strength has made a HUGE difference in how I feel. I would highly recommend Matt!”

Roxanne Yao


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