All of my functional fitness training programs – individual, group, sports performance and post-rehab – are customized to the individual and based on the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) optimal performance building blocks – assessment, flexibility, mobility, stability, agility, strength, power, and speed.

I start with a comprehensive and individualized ASSESSMENT. I watch how you move to identify any postural distortion patterns, irregular body movements, tightness or weakness. Based on the assessment, I design a functional training exercise program that will correct any issues while helping you achieve your fitness goals.

functional training programs - Saratoga CA

The first step of the program is building a foundation of FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY and STABILITY through dynamic, corrective warm ups, core-strengthening and a variety of exercises and equipment. Developing this foundation is key, not only to achieving fitness goals and enhanced sports performance, but also to maintaining long term health and mobility.

With a strong foundation, we then move on to developing STRENGTH, POWER and SPEED. Throughout your training program we will continue to cycle back through the various building blocks to ensure you have the support you need as your fitness level progresses.

My programs incorporate a variety of training – cardio, core, balance, reactive, flexibility, agility, strength – to keep you engaged and challenged, and to achieve optimum results.

Among the tools we use are:

  • Body weight resistance

  • Hurdles

  • Cable system

  • Bosu ball

  • Speed ladder

  • Sleds

  • Power Plate

  • TRX suspension training

  • Kettle bells

  • Balls – psysio, Swiss, medicine

  • Bands

  • Tubing

  • Free weights