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Our individual training programs begin with a comprehensive functional assessment to determine the best combination of activities to achieve your fitness goals. Each session is 60 minutes, and progresses through a customized, structured routine based on the science of human movement, and focused on building strength, flexibility and neuromuscular efficiency.

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For those who like to work out with a buddy, we offer small group training sessions for groups of 2-3 individuals. These programs begin with individual assessments, then progress through a customized routine, modified as needed for each individual. Small group training sessions are 60 minutes.

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Want to improve your athletic performance? Each sport requires the body to move in a specific pattern. Our customized sport-specific programs challenge your body to mimic those patterns and thereby enhance strength, power and speed to improve performance. Sessions are 60 minutes.

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Getting back to fitness after an injury or surgery requires retraining body movement patterns, which may have become misaligned to compensate for the injury. Our post-rehab training programs are adapted for the particular trauma area, and focused on helping your body get back into alignment and regain mobility, flexibility and strength. Doctor’s release required.

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Our 12-week comprehensive weight loss program combines healthy diet and exercise along with lifestyle tips, motivation and (yes!) accountability to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Program graduates have experienced and maintained an average loss of 24 lbs.

Nutrition Training Campbell


Our individualized nutrition counseling is more than just “eat this, don’t eat that.” We educate you on making healthy choices around foods and supplements. We develop a customized food plan with tips on portion size and timing. We’ll even go shopping with you to help you create a healthy kitchen.