High school sports are becoming more competitive every year. We have dozens of Jr high and high school level kids training for their sport in our gym every day. If you’re the type of competitive athlete who wants to get better, make the J.V. team, make the varsity team or get a college scholarship you need to start training the right way. Athletes must first learn the fundamentals of movement before going straight to a power movement such as a clean, that’s how people get hurt. If you’re planning on being a collegiate athlete you’re going to have to learn the deadlift, clean and snatch, which are all technical lifts that must be practiced and perfected especially if you are going to perform them often.

Athletes can’t rely on talent alone anymore, that is why a certified strength and conditioning coach is necessary if you want to take your natural talent and train yourself to get better, stronger, faster and more powerful.

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Performance Training Strategy

We use National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Optimal Performance Training model as the backbone of our training strategy. We would do a full body assessment and find out where you are weak and what is tight. Then we would create a corrective warm up with an emphasis on posture and alignment while moving. During the training session we emphasize multi-planer core training to get the core as strong as possible. A portion is spent of speed development and power output. We coach the traditional Olympic lifts and a verity of stability and strength exercises.

What Does Performance Training Require?

Performance training requires understanding the demands of each sport and position within your respective sport.

By far one of the best workouts I’ve have had in a long time.

“During my competitive days in sports, rigorous training in off seasons, and past workouts with fitness instuctors, the 1 hour with Matt Chmelka was the most complete 1 hour full body exercise I have EVER had. I told him what I wanted with my body and he was right on point consistent with each exercise. Also really enjoyed working out with the few unfamiliar machines. MC is an awesome instructor. I have been raving about him since I left crawling away from his gym. He made me feel more out of shape than I thought I was. Simple exercises with the most effective training.”

Kirk Peterson